Lawmaking and Governance

Lawmaking and Governance

Our firm is a leader in supporting the re-assertion of Indigenous legal traditions through self-governance institutions in areas including education, social services, health care, and child protection.

OKT lawyers advise, negotiate and assist in drafting a broad array of documents relating to Indigenous governance and self-determination, including the codifying of indigenous laws, policies, protocols and codes of conduct.

Our experience in supporting Indigenous legal traditions includes:

  • Assisting the Innu Nation with development of an Innu constitution, including working with Innu leadership over several years to incorporate Innu traditional concepts and current legal needs;
  • Assisting Indigenous clients with development of Elders’ tribunals and other alternative dispute resolution processes that integrate Indigenous communities’ needs and legal traditions while complying with federal and provincial legislative requirements;
  • Working with Indigenous leaders to develop a national network of Indigenous Guardians to manage lands and waters using indigenous laws and knowledge.