Human Rights & Employment Law

Human Rights and Employment

Our lawyers regularly represent Indigenous governments and organizations in employment, labour and human rights matters.

Our experience includes:

  • Employment Advice: advising primarily employers on employment and human resources issues throughout the course of the employment relationship, from recruitment to employment contracts to discipline to termination of employment, including advising on HR policy and workplace safety matters.  
  • Employment Litigation: representing primarily employers in litigation and negotiations to resolve employment issues.
  • Strategic Advice: providing strategic advice to employers about employment policies, investigations and investigation procedures.
  • Human Rights Advice: advising on human rights and duty to accommodate in employment. We have represented clients and human rights bodies in human rights hearings and Charter proceedings. Maggie Wente, one of OKT’s lawyers, is a former Ontario Human Rights Commissioner.
  • Human Rights Litigation: assisting Indigenous governments and organizations with litigation related to human rights complaints brought by their employees and members.


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