Wise counsel and strategic advice

Corporate Advice

OKT provides a wide range of general corporate advice including on: corporate governance, trusts, insurance, employment and labour relations issues, management agreements, franchising, construction and contracting  matters, bankruptcy protection, secured transactions, and leases.

Our lawyers routinely advise Indigenous clients about corporate entities. This includes setting up for-profit corporations, non-profit corporations, charities, joint ventures, partnerships, and limited partnerships for Indigenous clients, including drafting corporate documentation (by-laws, partnership agreements, policies, shareholder agreements, initial shareholder and board resolutions, etc.).

We also provide ongoing advice about corporate governance. We advise clients on corporate management and governance matters including boards of directors on their legal duties and liabilities, advice about how corporate entities work and undertaking corporate training for new boards of directors, researching and providing legal opinions and ongoing advice on: by-laws and provincial and federal for-profit and not-for-profit regulatory compliance; applications, agreements and contracts; and board governance.