Are you aware of proposed changes to forestry in Ontario?

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Ontario is proposing to change the forest management planning process. This will affect the way logging and other forestry activities are approved across the province.

Ontario currently authorizes forestry activities through documents called Declaration Order MNR-71 and 74. These are “class environmental assessment” (Class EA) approvals. They provide high-level direction for forest management that is incorporated into forestry legislation, the MNR Forest Management Planning Manual, and related manuals and regulations. The Ministry of the Environment oversees these Class EA authorizations.

MOE is now proposing changes to these Class EA authorizations, at MNR’s request. The proposal is posted on the Environmental Bill of Rights webpage.

The EBR comment period for this proposal ends on Monday November 18, 2013. OKT’s impression is that many First Nations are not aware of these changes and have not had a good chance to learn about them or provide full input. If you are a First Nation or Aboriginal organization interested in forestry issues in Ontario, you may want to contact MOE as soon as possible to share your concerns including making sure that you have enough time to properly review and respond to the proposal.

This notice provides information, not legal advice. For legal advice, you can contact OKT.

By Liora Zimmerman

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