Taykwa Tagamou Nation and OPG partnership a success

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OKT is pleased to congratulate Coral Rapids Power Corporation (“CRP”) and Taykwa Tagamou Nation (“TTN”) on the completion of the construction and commencement of commercial operation of the Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station (“PSSGS”).  Located in the heart of TTN’s Traditional Territory near the confluence of New Post Creek and the Abitibi River, PSSGS is a 28 MW hydro-electric project with sufficient generation capacity to power up to 2,500 homes. The project is named after a respected TTN elder and is an historic achievement for the First Nation.

Photo: The directors and officers of CRP and legal counsel at the New Post Creek site, from left to right, Arnold May, Patrick Chilton, Rod Reimer, Wayne Ross, OKT lawyer Liora Zimmerman, Stanley Sutherland and Waylon Iserhoff.

The project is a partnership between CRP (which is wholly owned by TTN) and Ontario Power Generation (“OPG”), which has been characterized by respect and cooperation, with CRP owning a 33% stake in the project. The completion of the project is the culmination of ten years of planning and negotiations, which began with the resolution of a past grievance settlement between TTN and OPG in relation to other OPG hydro projects built in the First Nation’s Traditional Territory. PSSGS provided contracting, employment and training opportunities throughout the construction phase for TTN community members and will provide a steady source of revenue for the First Nation for years to come.

OKT’s Liora Zimmerman, Oliver MacLaren, and Ashley Stacey are proud to have assisted CRP in negotiating their partnership with OPG and arranging for the financing required for the First Nation equity investment in this project. Nancy Kleer assisted in the negotiation of the original settlement agreement with OPG and joins in congratulating TTN and CRP.

Photo: CRP director Arnold May looks out over the Abitibi River at the PSS generating station site.

By Liora Zimmerman and Oliver MacLaren

For more information see: http://www.opg.com/generating-power/hydro/projects/new-post-creek/Pages/new-post-creek.aspx

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