Wabaseemoong Independent Nations Renew Anishinaabe Identity Through Customary Care Code

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The Wabaseemoong Independent Nations announce that effective January 8, 2021, its Customary Care Code (the “Code”) will have the force of federal law, per the provisions of the federal legislation An Act respecting First Nation, Inuit and Metis children, youth and families. Accordingly, beginning January 8, 2021 the Code will be the authority governing child welfare and protection matters applicable to all Wabaseemoong Independent Nations’ children and youth regardless of residency.

The Code is a culturally embedded law premised on the fundamental belief of the Wabaseemoong Independent Nations that our children are the sacred responsibility of the Anishinaabeg as endowed to us by the Creator. The Wabaseemoong Independent Nations affirm its right to make decisions regarding the best interests of our children including who should provide for the care, supervision, and control of our children. The Code is intended to assure a safe, stable, nurturing, and permanent sociocultural environment for Wabaseemoong Independent Nations children and to provide for the protection of our children, our people, and our way of life.

The Wabaseemoong Independent Nations will continue to work with its federal and provincial partners on implementation of the Code and a Co-Ordination Agreement between the parties.

“After sharing their knowledge of our Anishinaabe Laws and customs as passed to them by our ancestors and through their own experiences, the Elders endorsed the Customary Care Code of Wabaseemoong. These are the steps on the road to healing and the recovery of our Anishinaabe identity” said Chief Waylon Scott.

Additional information on the application of the Code within Ontario and elsewhere within Canada will be forthcoming. Questions concerning the Code may be made to Wabaseemoong Independent Nations’ representative Adolphus Cameron at (807) 407-2097 or Adolphus.Cameron@aafs.ca.


Wabaseemoong Independent Nations Council (L-R): Councillor Rocky Bunting, Councillor Roanna Jourdain- Carpenter, Ogimaa (Chief) Waylon Scott, Councillor Glen Kent.


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