Ariel Holmwood-Bramwell

Summer Student


Ariel Holmwood-Bramwell is a second-year law student at McGill University, in the dual BCL/JD program. She volunteers with the L.E.X. Program, engaging with secondary school students about their legal rights and legal issues around them.

Ariel has a BA Joint Honours in Communications and Political Science from the University of Ottawa.  While at the University of Ottawa, Ariel completed the CO-OP program, working as an intern in a translation bureau in France, at the Embassy of Canada to Chile, and in communications at Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada. She also interned for Amnesty International Canada and organized philanthropic events for her student association.

Ariel moved to Yellowknife in 2016 to work as a Communications Officer for Crown Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, providing communication services to the Contaminants and Remediation Division. She is currently working out of the OKT North office in Yellowknife.