Anna Scher

Director of Human Resources


Anna Scher is the Director of Human Resources at OKT. Anna is responsible for supporting the partnership group with strategic human resources planning, managing internal firm operations, and supporting the OKT team in all areas of HR.

Prior to joining OKT, Anna started her career working in the healthcare sector and soon transitioned to working with technology organizations. At first specializing in recruitment and then moving on to building HR departments, serving as an advisor to leadership teams, supporting organizational growth and structuring, training, and development, introducing and implementing policies and systems, succession planning, legal best practices, retention, employee wellness and more. Eventually Anna transitioned to the legal industry where she had supported a law firm through the COVID-19 pandemic and introduced new HR structures and policies to cater to the emerging organizational needs of working in a remote environment. 


Anna holds a bachelor’s degree from York University and a Graduate HR Management Certificate from Seneca College. She is also a Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL) and a member at the Human Resources Professional Association of Ontario.