Human rights case to be heard about Indigenous mascots in sports

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OKT is proud to be working for Brad Gallant on a pro bono basis in his complaint against the City of Mississauga before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. The complaint is in relation to the use of Indigenous mascots in minor hockey. His complaint alleges that the City discriminated against him in the provision of services by both subsidizing the cost of ice time to teams that use Indigenous mascots, and allowing the public display of those same mascots.

One of the key issues is whether the display of Indigenous mascots contributes to a hostile environment for Mr. Gallant, who refuses to enroll his children from participating with offending minor hockey clubs in Mississauga on that basis.  I am representing Mr. Gallant and I am set to argue the case before the Tribunal beginning November 21st.

Since the application has been filed, two of the five teams using Indigenous mascots have changed their names.

You can also read more about this case in coverage from the CBC.

By Jeremiah Raining Bird


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