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Roger Townshend, a founding partner of OKT, practices Aboriginal rights, Constitutional, human rights, and administrative law. He primarily advises on and litigates land claims for First Nations. He has appeared in Court and advised on numerous cases relating to Aboriginal title and other Aboriginal rights and treaty rights, and relating to the duty to consult and accommodate Aboriginal peoples. His court work has also included challenging the legality of municipal by-laws and of environmental assessment decisions, the constitutionality of the Ontario educational funding regime, and the legality of drug testing programs in the workplace.

Roger has appeared in the Courts of Appeal of Ontario, British Columbia, and Newfoundland, the Federal Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. He has provided commentary on a variety of proposed federal and provincial legislation on behalf of Aboriginal clients. Prior to his legal career, Roger worked in the area of land claims research and negotiations for eight years on behalf of Manitoba First Nations.

Roger has been selected annually by peer review processes for inclusion in directories of leading lawyers including The Best Lawyers in Canada© and the Canadian Legal Lexpert Directory. Roger is a member of the Ontario bar.

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