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Honouring the Treaties

I am a lawyer practicing in the areas of aboriginal and resource law, and legal counsel to the ACFN. I’m also a fourth-generation Albertan who has had the privilege to live and work in Aboriginal communities across the North for two decades. This is a personal reflection on the challenges that we face as a country that is still coming to terms with the fact that much of our resource wealth has been and continues to be extracted from Aboriginal lands without their consent and with little regard to the promises and treaties on which Canada is founded. In my view, this is both a fundamental challenge and an opportunity to build a more just and inclusive society.

I reference several on-going legal battles, but I note that I am not counsel on those cases, nor I am I providing legal opinions or advice. Specific legal questions on those cases can be directed to the counsel of record. For the Jackpine judicial review, ACFN is represented by Woodward and Company.

By Larry Innes


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