Brandon Chatwell

Responsable informatique


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Brandon Chatwell joined Olthuis Kleer Townshend in October 2021 as the IT Manager. He is responsible for supporting the partnership with strategic IT planning, managing internal firm operations, and enabling the OKT team in all areas of IT.

Brandon has worked in the Legal IT industry for the last 16 years. He started his Legal career at the helpdesk of a law firm and gained firsthand knowledge into how lawyers and their staff function on a day-to-day basis. Later, he worked in Applications Support and saw how the changes made in this position affected users on a much larger scale. Brandon went to night school to earn a Certificate in Information Systems Management at Ryerson University to hone his skills and knowledge in effectively managing a law firm, and has spent the last 7 years managing law firms from the IT perspective.

When Brandon isn’t in front of a computer he enjoys camping, baseball, cooking, and spending time with his family.