OKT Partner Renée Pelletier appointed to Environmental Assessment Expert Panel

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OKT’s Managing Partner, Renée Pelletier, has been appointed to the Government of Canada’s Environmental Assessment Review Expert Panel.  The link to the official Government of Canada announcement is found here.


The Government of Canada has formed the Expert Panel to engage with Canadians and Indigenous peoples about reforms to the federal environmental assessment process. The Expert Panel will be independent of the Government of Canada and will be giving recommendations to the federal government about how to improve the environmental assessment process.

The engagement sessions are to begin in September, 2016, and the Panel will be reporting on the engagement sessions in January, 2017 and making recommendations.   The Expert Panel is particularly looking to engage with Indigenous groups on their views about environmental assessment processes.

Indigenous groups may be able to access funding to provide their views to the Expert Panel.  Information about funding may be found at the following link: www.Canada.ca/environmentalreviews.

OKT’s clients may wish to submit funding proposals to enable them to participate in the engagement process, and we encourage our clients to contact us for more information about how to participate.

OKT congratulates Renée and wishes her well as she undertakes this important work.

By Maggie Wente

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