Camille O’Sullivan

Summer Student

(416) 981-9333

Camille is a law student at the University of Victoria in the Joint Degree Program in Canadian Common Law and Indigenous Legal Orders (JD/JID). She was an editor for Volume 27 of Appeal law journal and producer and co-host of the accompanying podcast, Stare Indecisis.

Camille is passionate about access to justice, environmental law, and the advancement of Indigenous rights and governance. Throughout law school, she has volunteered and worked at a law centre that focuses on poverty law, advocacy, and legal aid and services rural and remote communities in northwestern BC.  

Prior to law school, Camille worked with Indigenous communities throughout BC, Alberta, and the Yukon on consultations with industry and government about natural resource and infrastructure projects. It was this work that inspired her to further her education and pursue law.

She has Bachelors of Arts degrees in Classics from Queens University and in Gender Studies from Carleton University.